Protospiel Chicago 2017

Today is the first day of Protospiel Chicago! For those interested in joining, check out the event info on I’ll be there around 6pm tonight and will update this …

Hanabi Giveaway 2

Hanabi Giveaway

Enter our Hanabi giveaway to win a free copy of the game Hanabi by R&R Games! Click here to enter!

Tabletop Flix

Podcast – Tabletop Flix

The Primary got a nice shout out on the podcast, Tabletop Flix! Start listening at 7:15 into the podcast to hear them discuss their playtesting experience. You can listen to …

The Board Game Workshop Podcast

Podcast – The Board Game Workshop

Mountaintop Games has made its very first podcast debut – an interview on The Board Game Workshop! Listen as we discuss our design process for The Primary You can listen to …

Prototyping: Boards

Welcome to the second entry in our Prototyping series! Typically board games involve a board, so that’s where we will begin. Depending on where you are in the design process, …

Print On Demand

Prototyping: Print on Demand

Welcome to the first entry in our Prototyping series, where we will discuss prototyping techniques and tips. Today we will be focusing on print on demand manufacturers that will print single …

Love Letter

Design Review: Love Letter

Welcome to the second post in our Design Review series, where we will be taking a deep dive into various aspects of game design for a specific board game that …