Congratulations on your candidacy in The Primary! Outwit your opponents during a presidential primary election by traveling the country, hosting rallies and fundraisers, advertising, and gaining the favor of powerful Super PACs. Regions across the country will vote during the twelve rounds of the game and you will have to predict your opponents’ strategies in order to earn the most delegates and win the game! Good luck, candidates!

The Primary successfully funded on Kickstarter and you can now order it here!

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Designer Diary

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A big thanks to all our playtesters: Abby Schultz, Lynn Wilson, John Hertz, Betsy Shanks, Brad Shanks, Kate and Dallas Martin, Rob and Sarah Buchanan, Brett Lindeman, Dan Cunningham (of Iron Kitten Games), Keith Matejka (of Thunderworks Games), Andrew Hanson, Brad and Danni Lang, Fiona Zimmer, Ethan Brown, Kastan Molstad, Michael Petrella, Scott Leibbrandt, Alex Houghton, Sara Schorse, Esther Schorse, Steve Kaftanski, Joe and Debby Quock, Eric Miller, Kirk Dennison (of PieceKeeper Games), Ally and Kyle Armstrong, Michael Treiman, Steven Dast, Brian Virgilio, Charles Shea, Pat and Nancy Schultz, Chris Weed, Darren Hsu, John Licht, Jeff Richards, George Young, Patrick Edwards, Aaron White (of Tabletop Flix), Nathaniel Schleif, Patrick Monari, Jonathan Meyer, JT Smith (of The Game Crafter), Will Hargrave, Liz and Robert Richardson, Scott Starkey, Amul Kumar, Matthew Duhan (of Gozer Games), Mark Wynn, Adeheid Zimmerman, Eric Jome, Ben Rosset, Kaidong Lin, Scott Nussbaum, Rod Currie, Steve Christensen, John and Sara Bacon, Laura Quock, and more!