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Q: When do I get my free Influence cube when using Kenneth Walker’s ability?
A: After playing your second “Fundraiser” Action card in a round, you may immediately gain your free Influence cube.

Q: I am playing as Bryce McKay. If 2 regions are voting during a round, and I win delegates in only 1 of the regions, do I gain any Influence cubes?
A: Yes – the “votes” referred to on the Bryce McKay Candidate card are referring to voting regions. In the above scenario, you would gain 1 Influence cube for the 2nd voting region where you did not win any delegates.

Solo Variant

Q: When setting up the solo variant, does the Bot get any extra Influence cubes in its starting region?
A: No, it doesn’t… sorry Elect-O-Bot 9000!

Q: When determining the margin of victory for a Bot card, should pawns be included?
A: Yes, both your pawn and the Bot’s pawn count for margin of victory calculations.

Two-Player Variant

Q: How do I use the Bot during the two-player variant?
A: The Bot is only used to set up the game – the custom die is rolled to place Bot Influence cubes on the map. During the game, you will not use a pawn for the Bot or use the Bot cards.

Q: How do I use the “Rally” and “Positive Ad” Action cards to place Bot Influence cubes during the two-player variant?
A: You may place Bot Influence cubes in your region with a “Rally” Action card or in any region using a “Positive Ad” Action card. These Influence cubes are spent like normal from your personal hand of cubes, but are placed on the board as Bot Influence cubes.