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The Primary Memes

Think you can make a viral meme? Want to get a $20 discount off The Primary on Kickstarter? We are holding a meme contest to see who can come up with the best meme about The Primary – the winner will get a $20 discount off their Kickstarter pledge!

Bernie Meme

The goal is to make and share a meme about The Primary – whether explaining the game or promoting the Kickstarter, etc. These can be politically themed (see the rules below – be nice!) or board game themed, or anything else that seems relevant. At the end of the contest, a poll of our 5 favorite memes will be used to determine the winner!

Combined Meme

Make sure to tag Mountaintop Games and use the hashtag #ThePrimaryMemes so we can find your creations!


1) Be nice! I understand politics can be divisive, but the intent of this is to just have some fun and help spread the word about The Primary

2) Include this link to the Kickstarter page in your social media post:

3) Tag Mountaintop Games in your social media post (Twitter: @MtntopGames, Facebook: @Mountaintop Games, Instagram: @mountaintopgames)

4) Use the hashtag #ThePrimaryMemes in your social media post

5) Submissions will close on April 11 at 11:59 pm

6) The winner will be selected from a poll of our 5 favorite memes

7) The winner will be able to reduce their pledged amount by the $20 discount and still receive their original reward

8) Be nice! I just want to reiterate that your memes should not be mean-spirited – The Primary is meant to be a fun game to play for everybody