Prototyping: Boards

Welcome to the second entry in our Prototyping series! Typically board games involve a board, so that’s where we will begin. Depending on where you are in the design process, you will require different types of prototype boards.

Early Stages

When first prototyping a game, you want to move as fast as possible to get your idea onto the table. Board game concepts tend to sound amazing in your head, but quickly fall apart once physically playtested.

For early prototypes, printing (or drawing) on standard paper is probably the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to go. If you’re lucky, you may have access to larger paper sizes or even a plotter at your place of work. Paper prototype boards can be mounted to thicker poster board or foam board to improve their feel and durability.

Prototype Boards

Later Stages

As your design matures, you may opt for a more rugged and polished prototype board. When submitting prototype samples to publishers or reviewers, you may also choose a higher quality board. Thankfully, there are several print on demand manufacturers (summarized here) that provide a wide array of options. Below, we have compiled a list of prototype boards and their costs (shipping not included)

Print On Demand Prototype Boards

Print On Demand “Prototype” Boards

You can open the full Google spreadsheet here

Next Up

Thanks for checking out our Prototyping series! What did you like and dislike? Please feel free to comment below.  Next up, we will be discussing prototype cards.

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