Top 5 Board Games for 2 Players

With so many board games on the market, how do you pick a good 2-player game? We have put together a list of our top 5 board games (and then some) for 2 players.

The Criteria

– Fun to play
– Good breadth and/or depth of game mechanics
– Elegant / clever / innovative game design

The Games

Here are our top 5 board games for 2 players:

1) 7 Wonders Duel

7 Wonders Duel

Rating: 8.1
Weight: 2.24

7 Wonders duel is a great, competitive game featuring card drafting and set collection mechanics. It maintains the same feel from the original 7 Wonders, while adapting the rules and gameplay wonderfully for an experience designed for only 2 players.

2) Caverna: Cave vs Cave

Caverna Cave vs Cave

Rating: 7.3
Weight: 2.57

Caverna: Cave vs Cave is another game designed for only 2 players that is based on a previous hit (in this case, Caverna.) It features solid worker placement mechanics with a twist and is the heaviest game on the list, with a 2.57 weight.

3) Star Realms

Star Realms

Rating: 7.6
Weight: 1.96

While not specifically designed for only 2 players (adding a second game can play up to 4 players,) Star Realms really shines during head-to-head battles. It is a classic deck-building game that has been copied by many, but has really stood the test of time.

4) Patchwork


Rating: 7.7
Weight: 1.69

Patchwork is the lightest game on the list, coming in with a 1.69 weight. This makes it a great intro or gateway board game. It is designed for only 2 players and is nicely competitive, without any true “feel bad” moments.

5) Carcassonne


Rating: 7.4
Weight: 1.93

Carcassonne can play up to 5 players, but it really shines for 2. It provides a pretty relaxed experience and is competitive without any real meanness. The simple tile-laying mechanics make for another great intro or gateway board game.

Honorable Mentions

Although they didn’t make the cut for the Top 5 list, these are some more great board games for 2 players!

– Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small

Rating: 7.4
Weight: 2.35

– Jaipur

Rating: 7.5
Weight: 1.52

– Smash Up

Rating: 6.8
Weight: 2.05


What do you think of the list? What games got snubbed? Comment with your thoughts below!

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